George Barker is a Director of LECA and an expert in economic analysis of law and regulation. Currently an Honorary Associate Professor at the Australian National University (ANU), and a member of Wolfson College, University of Oxford. He has taught regulatory economics to staff of Australian regulators and regulated firms, conducted public good research and given expert economic advice and testimony on a wide range of matters relating to regulation of the information and communications technology industry, (e.g. regulation of the internet, spectrum allocation and use, carriers, and carriage services, and network access), and utility industries (e.g. energy, and transport), as well as competition law, intellectual property, contracts, and tax law affecting a wide variety of other industries in Australia, Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. Dr Barker has contributed to numerous competition and regulatory policy reviews in Australia, the Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Dr Barker has given expert testimony globally before regulatory agencies, and before courts reviewing regulatory decisions on appeal - as well in arbitration cases in the Hague - and before Ministers and Parliaments engaged in inquiries, and reform processes in Australia, the UK, EU, New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. He has for example given expert testimony to US Federal Courts, the Federal Court of Australia, the High Court of New Zealand and his analysis has been cited in the UK House of Lords, by the High Court of England and Wales and by the European Commission. He was Director of the Centre for Law and Economics at Australian National University from 1997-2017 and was awarded the Olin Fellowship in Law and Economics at Cornell University USA in 2000, and has been a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE) (2015-2018), at the Centre for Law and Economics at University College London (2010-2015), at Oxford University 2008, and at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) (2009-present). He was Chief Analyst and Economic Advisor at the NZ Treasury 1984 -1997. He is on the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Law and Economics. He gained a DPhil in Economics from Oxford University in 1992, and holds a Master of Economics (Hons) and a Bachelor of Laws.

William Lehr is a Consulting Directors at LECA, and a telecommunications and Internet industry economist and consultant with over twenty-five years of experience. He regularly advises senior industry executives and policymakers in the U.S. and abroad on the market, industry, and policy implications of events relevant to the Internet ecosystem. He is a research scientist in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, currently engaged in a number of multidisciplinary research projects within the Advanced Networking Architecture Group in CSAIL. Dr. Lehr's research focuses on the economics and regulatory policy of the Internet infrastructure industries. He is engaged in multiple multidisciplinary research projects focusing on issues such as broadband Internet access, cybersecurity, next generation network architectures, and spectrum management. In addition to his academic work, Dr. Lehr advises public and private sector clients in the US and abroad on ICT strategy and policy matters. Dr. Lehr holds a PhD in Economics from Stanford and an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School, and MSE, BA, and BS degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. For more information, see For the purposes of this engagement, Dr. Lehr was appointed a Consulting Director at LECA.

Douglas Sicker is Consulting Directors at LECA, and a leading global expert from the USA on network technologies and their application and implications in other industries like wireless systems and cybersecurity both today and in the future. Doug is currently the Senior Associate Dean of Computing and computer science and electrical engineering Professor at University of Colorado, Denver | Anschutz Campus. Previously, Doug served as the Lord Endowed Chair in the School of Computer Science and in the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and as a Department Head in Engineering. He was also recently the interim Director of CyLab at CMU that brings together experts from a variety of disciplines across the university to collaborate on cutting-edge research and education designed to help create a world in which technology can be trusted. Doug also serves as the Executive Director of the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG). Doug has acted as the CTO to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and as a senior advisor to the Department of Justice National Institute of Justice and was the Chair of the Network Reliability and Interoperability Council steering committee. Prior to that he was Director of Global Architecture at Level 3 Communications, Inc.. Doug has published widely in the fields of networking, wireless systems, network security and network policy. For the purposes of this engagement, Dr. Sicker was appointed a Consulting Director at LECA.

Mark Loneyis a Consulting Director at LECA and an expert in advanced communications systems and technologies, public policy, and public sector management. Mark was a Senior Executive in the Australian Public Service for fifteen years and has been providing independent advice on spectrum management and telecommunications regulatory issues to international clients since 2019. An Executive Manager at the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) from 2005-2018, Mark played a key role in establishing Australia’s converged communications regulator from 2004 to 2005. Mark led the development, implementation and delivery of regulatory arrangements for broadcasting, radiocommunications and telecommunications services for over twenty years in the Spectrum Management Agency, the Australian Communications Authority and the ACMA. Mark was Deputy Head of the Australian Delegation to the World Radiocommunication Conference 2003. Mark joined the Australian Public Service in 1988 at the Department of Defence where he was involved in complex communications research for nearly 9 years. Since 2010, Mark has co-authored papers for IEEE conference series such as DySPAN as well as the Journal of Telecommunications Policy (TelPol). In 2014, Mark provided advice to the Government of Mongolia about rapid transition to next generation mobile networks (LTE/LTE Advanced) and associated issues such as backhaul and security requirements. Mark has a BA from Curtin University and has undertaken postgraduate studies at the Australian National University.

Professor Meiring de Villiers. Professor Meiring de Villiers has a Phd in economics from Stanford University and is an expert in valuation techniques. Professor de Villiers is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Univ. of New South Wales. Qualifications: PhD (Math. Econ.), MA (Econ), Juris D. (Stanford), BSc Elec Eng (U/Pretoria). Research and publications in corporate finance, Law & Economics.

Dr Ben Freyens, (BEc, (ULB), PhD (ANU)), joined LECA in 2009 as a research fellow. Prior to this Ben was a statistician-economist at Eurostat (1995-2000) and later lectured economics at Deakin University and University of New South Wales.

Ms Johanna Kuila is a Director of Law and Economics Consulting Associates Ltd. Ms Kuila has a Masters of Social and Public Administration from Brunel University UK, and BA from Victoria University Wellington. Ms Kuila has had extensive experience in New Zealand and NSW government management positions, particularly in the development of strategic policy relating to health financing policy, disability policy, housing policy, and pension design. She has been involved in large scale public sector reforms across housing, disability, welfare and health. She has also had responsibility for planning for social services, including managing the collection and analysis of minimum data sets, developing expenditure plans, and managing a $A600m programme in the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care. Ms Kuila’s publications include a 1993 article in the Social Policy Journal of New Zealand - “Integrating Government assistance for Accommodation” and her thesis, submitted in partial fulfilment of MA in Public and Social Administration, was entitled Compensating for the Loss Suffered by Disabled People.

Dr Tim Maloney has a PhD in Economics, MA in Economics, and BS in Economics, Mathematics and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He is currently Professor and Chair of Economics at AUT. Dr Maloney has held positions in the Economics Departments at the University of Missouri (1983-1987). Bowdoin College (1987-1991) and the University of Auckland (1991-2010). He has served as an Economic Advisor to the NZ Treasury, a Researcher at the Institute of Policy Studies in Wellington, and a Visiting Professor at Institute for Research on Poverty and the Economics Department at the University of Wisconsin. Dr Maloney has also served as a consultant for various Government Ministries in New Zealand since 1991. Dr Maloney’s particular research interests include labour supply and demand; job turnover, search and matching; human capital, screening and the economics of education; minimum wages; social welfare programmes; policy evaluation; economic reform; and trade unions and industrial relations policy.

Dr Atat Li Kim Mui is a Senior Consultant with over twenty years of experience developing and implementing corporate and operations strategy for clients in the public and private sector. Atat was the recipient of the Trinity College bursary in Cambridge University UK and a scholarship from the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust. He received his PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK, and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Sydney. Atat was a senior engagement manager at Booz Allen and has worked in many industries including rail, shipping, utilities, aviation, mining, engineering and financial services. Atat holds a Diploma in Company Directorship and is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Atat was previously responsible for strategy and planning for AMP Financial Services.

Professor John C. Panzar from the United States. John C. Panzar originally developed, and has worked for many years to elaborate the appropriate rule for setting economically efficient access prices known as the efficient-component pricing rule, or ECPR. John C. Panzar is the Louis W. Menk Professor of Economics and Transportation at Northwestern University where is a member of the Northwestern Transportation Center. He is also a Professor at Auckland University New Zealand, where he spends half the year and can be readily available for consultations. Mr. Panzar has consulted extensively on regulatory policy issues, has served as an economic consultant to the US Department of Transportation, the World Bank, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. He has testified before the Interstate Commerce Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Justice, the Postal Rate Commission, the Congress of the United States, and Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. He has served as Chair (1988-1992), and Director of Graduate Studies (1984-1988; 1993- present), of the Economics Department at Northwestern. He was head of the Economic Analysis Research Department at Bell Telephone Laboratories and is Associate Editor of the "Journal of Regulatory Economics". His research activities have been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, the Annenberg Foundation, the Mellon Foundation and the Ameritech Foundation.